My corporation Crossroads Companies, LLC is dedicated to client service, always expanding to serve more areas of client need. We are devoted to helping clients and businesses. Individuals and businesses focus on  growing and protecting assets.

I am based in Palm Beach County, Florida.

There are many more ways to help clients than ever before. Individuals and businesses can also protect against income loss during illness or accident.  

The list of available products and ways to help clients is too long to mention here, but here are some:

Disability insurance, some of which return all premiums at age 65 if you have not used the benefits.

Protection against market crashes

Pay bills and protect against loss of savings during accident or illn


Life Insurance - various products according to client need

Long Term Care insurance

Key-man Insurance

Business related products

Personal Insurance products

Final Expense insurance

College planning

College planning and tuition assistance for children - helping parents and grandparents plan

Children's Grow up plan


Many companies have value added benefits such as return of premium and waiver of premium.

A free evaluation for clients is available to help us to assist on how to benefit, and protect client, family and heirs.


My affiliations afford me ways to help much more today than ever before.

Some of the ways we help is with insurance accumulation and protection policies and programs such as annuities, life insurance, benefit policies, savings vehicles, college planning, and more.

I am happy to go over your current plan and help to make any necessary changes without any pressure.

When it comes to business  I also rely on other professions to do for clients those things that are not my expertise. I surround myself with a network of experts that care about clients. 

In my life I have worked retail, waitressed, been a legal secretary, mortgage processor, mortgage originator, studied court reporting, took part in building a very successful financial business in Boca Raton. I have been in the classic car business and some internet businesses. I have been licensed in the mortgage, securities and insurance industries.

I have always been an independent insurance agent and not captive when in the insurance business. I do not ever want to be put in a box limiting what I can do for clients. Captive agents can be very limited.

My dream and purpose is helping others to plan ahead.

Failure to plan is actually planning to fail.

Areas of planning:

College Planning
Income protection
Final expense plan
Savings protection
Saving on taxes
Protecting what is accumulated
Leaving an inheritance for loved ones
Protect against financial loss due to illness or accident.
Having proper documents such as wills, trusts, medical directives prepared by professionals.

I am happy to do fact-finding to find gaps in their plan which need to be addressed.

Being in this profession since the late 80's I have learned that every client should review their plan with trusted professionals every year.

There have been very positive changes in my industry which affords me ways to help more than ever before.

There are ways I can help both individuals and businesses
particularly partnerships and small businesses
to plan, protect and improve what they are doing for their business and even to help employees. Tax planning is an important part of your plan as well.

A caring, proficient group of professionals can be a great asset to both individuals and businesses. I would appreciate referrels in the areas of Life, disability and Long Term Care



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