About Patricia

Patricia Murray

I started in the insurance industry since the 1990's and have had insurance, mortgage and securities licenses. I now focus on Insurance for the many ways it can help clients. I enjoy helping people of all ages to make plans for themselves and their heirs. I also help with benefit plans to protect lifestyles during periods of illness or accident.

I am happy to visit clients in their home or office to look over current plans and help clients if those plans need upgrade. I am a Mom and Grandmother and I have a large family and circle of friends, all of whom. I am so blessed. I have been in the business world since I was 15 years old and every job or career has been focused on service to others.

I enjoy volunteer work as well. I am connected currently with many others in the business who are also service oriented. I believe strongly in networking in order to help clients meet needs that are not my expertise as well.

Examples of some of the products I have available are Life insurance such as Term, Whole Life, Indexed Universal Life, Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Juvenile Insurance, Key-man insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities to name a few.

Products for my clients depend upon current and future needs as each client is different with differing needs and goals. It is best to review needs on a regular basis even after all is in place - every two to three years is recommended. Needs may have changed and should be addressed.

Most clients also have a need for policies such as those that pay cash during periods of of accident or illness causing loss of income. Certain policies will pay cash to the insured to maintain lifestyle and prevent loss of savings to meet everyday expenses during accident or illness. These policies also pay cash for things like wellness exams, treatment, hospitalization, ambulance, travel, lodging for family and the like.

I recommend policies where the benefits are cash to the policy owner to use as needed and any way they decide. Medical Insurance pays for treatment paying for those who care for you, but not to maintain your lifestyle and is not there for bills like mortgage, rent, auto payments, every day expenses, etc.